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What we do?

Tilil Tech seeks to add real and appreciated value to mobile phone users based on various technologies and customer/client needs. We look at offering both entertaining and educative content to our customers. Tilil Tech will also strive to offer the best mobile based communication solutions to Businesses and Organisations.

What we offer?

Our Emphasis is on Efficiency, Integration and Easy to use experience on Mobile platform. We offer seamless integration of our platforms with clients systems.

Mobile Marketing

This encompasses the different ways that products and services are pitched to consumers via mobile devices. As such its true to say that Mobile Marketing is the most innovative and effective way to penetrate your target market.


Tilil Technologies is a licensed Content Service Provider by the Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) to provide mobile phone content through the existing mobile telephone networks. We seek to harness the full Information Technology potential as we roll out cutting edge solutions and services that create unison in the various IT aspects and fields, creating reliability, efficiency and assurance through ...