Welcome To Tilil Technologies

Tilil Technologies is a licensed Content Service Provider by the Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) to provide mobile phone content through the existing mobile telephone networks. We seek to harness the full Information Technology potential as we roll out cutting edge solutions and services that create unison in the various IT aspects and fields, creating reliability, efficiency and assurance through mobile marketing. Tilil Tech seeks to add real and appreciated value to mobile phone users based on various technologies and customer/client needs. We also embark on being a major force within the technological sector which can be looked at as the capital hub for local technical talent. We offer solutions that facilitate Mobile Value Added Service (VAS) delivery, roll out and maintain the underlying infrastructure

Why Mobile Marketing?

The Question you may ask is why Mobile Marketing? The reason is simple. There are over 20 million mobile subscribers in Kenya. Do not forget that this number is growing at the rate of more than 30% per year; most of us are not on internet all the time but we read SMS’ all the time, this therefore means a most innovative and effective way to penetrate your target market, is through the cell phone user market.