Aggregation Services


Shortcodes are short numeric numbers which offer a wide variety of content on interaction with a user

Interactive Voice Response(IVR)

This is a technology that automates interactions with telephone callers.

Content Delivery

This is use of Mobile technology to send Content to Mobile users subscribed to a particular service.

Hosted Services

Tilil Tech adopts a process oriented implementation strategy using the industry's best Mobile Solutions practices for our Clients and Customers. We work hand in hand with the client right from the analysis stage to the actual deployment of the mobile solution. Our rapid implementation services incorporate on-site technical support, consultation, training and project management thereby boosting the overall customer experience and economic value. This is a Mobile ecosystem where clients and Customers run their services off our hosting facilities. In this process there is no need to develop any software or system on their part, since we offer an Elegant, User Friendly Interface Web Portal which is publicly accessible from the INTERNET using either a Computer or a Mobile device.

Targeted SMS Marketing

This allows for Mass Communication outreach using bulk SMS Services. A single Communication Outlet is facilitated to all the recipient contact groups

Information and Subscription Services

Mobile Phone Users request the data/information they want by Subscribing to that channel e.g. to get Breaking News alerts,Jobs Alerts e.t.c. Also Facilitate is a TEXT IN service where mobile phone users send in SMS's to a provided code, We process and Display the messages in a Customized Interface

Music Content

This is a Music Shop where mobile phone users can get their favorite music on the phone and also enjoy more music entertainment. Users interact with our platform using their mobile phone and request the song they wish to download , a download link sent to their handset for them to download